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Featured New Credit Card: Tangerine® World Mastercard® credit card
  • Tangerine World Mastercard credit card
  • Rated: 4.5 out of 5
  • Intro APR: 1.95%*
  • Regular APR: 19.95%*
  • Annual Fee: $0*

- Earn 4% Money-Back Rewards in up to 3 Categories for 3 Months* with the new Tangerine World Mastercard. (new clients only)
- Personalized categories and unlimited money-back rewards monthly
- Automatic earning: Money-Back Rewards are earned automatically on everyday purchases and paid monthly. These can be applied to your Credit Card balance or redeemed into your Savings
- No annual fee
- After the promotional period, 2% cashback on your choice of up to 3 categories, 0.5% money back
on all other purchases
- Change your 2% Money-back categories to suit your spending from your choice of 10 categories
- 1.95% on Balance Transfers for six months

* * *

Tangerine World Mastercard credit card from The Bank of Nova Scotia is a good choice for those with good to excellent credit who are looking for free premium cashback rewards card and intro rates on Balance Transfers. Read more...

These are some of the latest credit card offers you'd find on the market. With new credit cards introduced virtually every other day, you can only imagine a card that's unique to your situation is in circulation. Our reviews are written to help you identify the strong points of these cards in order to compare such points with your idea of a perfect credit card. When choosing the right credit card to suit your needs, it helps to pay close attention to interest rates especially those applicable to purchase transactions. Make sure all other fees and rates are things you can afford to pay. A rewards program should come after you're satisfied with these three things. New credit cards offers listed below are reserved for the Canadian market.

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