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Chequing Accounts: Open Free Canada Chequing Account Online

Opening a Chequing account in Canada is basically the same as in the United States. You choose the banking options that best suit your needs and then fill out an application. You can often apply online, but will need two sources of identification such as a drivers license and social security card.

Chequing Accounts

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Online Chequing Account
Online Chequing Account

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The Tangerine Chequing Account is an online no-fee daily chequing account that actually pays you interest on every one of your hard-earned dollars. Switch to Tangerine, today!

SPECIAL OFFER: switching your payroll direct deposit to the new Tangerine Chequing account before February 28, 2017 and get $75 bonus. Use Orange Key® "chequing25" and earn an additional $25 bonus! For more information click here.


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