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Aspire Cash Platinum MasterCard Review

7 October 2011 by CreditCardsCo™

Cash back is a very important thing in today's economy. You can use the cash back that you get from your Aspire Cash Platinum MasterCard on just about anything. Earn it even easier and explore the various benefits that the card offers.

Credit cards are not created equally. Finding out the various benefits of the Aspire Cash Platinum credit card will help you to understand why it is a good card to have and learn of the different ways you can earn cash back.

You can use the card anywhere on the planet and also enjoy many kinds of protection. This ensures that the card can be used anywhere you want, creating a versatility like no other card.

Get Cash Back In Many Ways

  • Cash back with every dollar
  • Cash back with first purchase
  • Cash back from multiple users
  • Cash back at year's end

No matter what you purchase, you will earn a percentage back on every dollar that you spend. You can use your credit card for gas, groceries and even to pay bills. This allows you to earn cash back rewards for every day purchases, so it makes economical sense to use the card for everything, even if you choose not to carry a balance.

There is a reward for a qualifying purchase. When you make your first purchase with the card, there will be an amount credited to your cash back balance simply for opening the account and making a purchase.

If you add an additional user to the account (for no fee), you can earn cash back quicker. When two cards are making purchases throughout the year, the balance can get higher and higher for more rewards.

There is a cash back reward at the end of each year as well. The reward is calculated as a percentage of the total rewards earned for the year.

You determine when you want the cash and how much. The cash rewards never expire and there is not a maximum amount. This allows you to keep earning until you reach the level that you wish to withdraw your cash back rewards.

Use The Card Anywhere On The Planet

  • Online
  • In person
  • Over the phone
  • At ATM machines

The MasterCard logo allows you to make purchases anywhere in the world. You can shop at thousands of online merchants. You can also make purchases in stores all across the globe. You can also make purchases over the phone for concert tickets, to pay bills and anything else that you can imagine. In the event that you do need cash, millions of ATMs will provide you with the ability to take a cash advance when you need it.

When you have a Capital One Canada card in your wallet that is accepted all over the planet, it gives you the versatility needed to purchase whatever you need whenever you need it. As long as you have an available balance, the purchasing ability is present.

Have Various Types Of Protection On The Card

  • Purchase Assurance
  • Fraud protection

The purchase assurance is an added benefit for having the Aspire MasterCard. In the 90 days following any purchase, you are covered. If the item is lost, damaged or stolen, you can either receive another one or be refunded for the total purchase amount. This ensures that every purchase you make has the best warranty you can ask for. The more you purchase with the card, the more items in your home are protected.

There is also fraud protection on the card. There are computer hackers out there that can take information when you make purchases on websites that don't use secure servers. Further, it is possible for your card to be lost or stolen. If either of these things happens and purchases are made on the card, you will not be liable for these purchases. Further, if you have lost your card or it is stolen while you are on vacation, MasterCard will re-issue you another one and get it to you quickly no matter what country.


It's time to start earning cash back on your purchases. You can apply for the Aspire Cash Platinum MasterCard online or by calling a toll free number. You can then understand why so many people own the card and are raving about the benefits.

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