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Aspire Gold Card vs. Aspire World Card

6 July 2011 by CreditCardsCo™

It is very common to see a credit card company offer two cards that are similar. This is intended to satisfy people at different income levels or at different levels of credit health. If you look at the Aspire World or Aspire Gold Card, for instance, you will see that they only differ in small details.

Aspire Basics

Brought to you from the creative people at Capital One, the Aspire World and Aspire Gold Cards are among the best comprehensive financial products currently available in Canada. Both the World and Gold Aspire cards will put the convenience of a decent credit limit and the benefit of superior rewards in your pocket. Both cards offer the same competitive rates and security features. Both cards provide the same shopping and travel benefits. Whatever you need, these cards can probably do it!

Credit Limits and Income

Just in case you do not already know, credit card companies do not determine the specifications of your credit card based solely on information from your credit history. They also look at things like income level, and this is the first place where you will notice a difference between the Aspire World and Aspire Gold Cards:

  • Aspire WORLD Card is recommended for people who potentially process around $2,000 a month in expenses
  • Aspire GOLD Card is recommended for people who potentially process around $1,000 a month in expense

Your income level, credit score, credit history, and monthly expenses are usually quantified in order to determine which card serves you best. For example, a card with a high credit limit will have higher monthly payments, which might not be good for someone with a lower income.

Rewards Points / Bonus Miles

Because the World and Gold Aspire Cards comes from Capital One you can be almost certain that they offer airline mileage programs, and indeed they do. Again, while the program is exactly the same across Capital One credit cards, how much you ear will differ between credit card products:

  • Aspire WORLD Card earns 2 points for every $1 spent
  • Aspire GOLD Card earns 1 point for every $1 spent

Both the World and Gold Aspire credit cards offer bonus miles for making a first purchase:

  • Aspire WORLD Card earns 35,000 bonus miles
  • Aspire GOLD Card earns 5,000 bonus miles

Finally, both cards also award you an annual bonus:

  • Aspire WORLD Card earns a 10,000 mile bonus
  • Aspire GOLD Card earns a 1,000 mile bonus

Travel Privileges

Because of the miles rewards, it is very likely that you will travel in order to take advantage of your miles. For example, both cards offer various insurance policies for Baggage Loss, Baggage Delay, and Trip Interruption issues. Both cards also offer access to MasterCards's MasterAssist travel concierge program. However, when you use your World or Gold Aspire Card to make your travel arrangements you can also take advantage of other benefits like Travel Accident Insurance:

  • Aspire WORLD Card holders get a $500,000 policy
  • Aspire GOLD Card holders get a $250,000 policy

Car Rental Benefits like Rental Collision and Loss Damage Waiver Coverage:

  • Aspire WORLD Card holders enjoy up to 48 days
  • Aspire GOLD Card holders enjoy up to 31 days

Along your travels, both cards can also help you if you lose your way or have car trouble with MasterCard's Master RoadAssist Roadside Assistance service.

Consumer Protection

Both the Aspire World and Aspire Gold Cards provide superior consumer protection from things like fraud and customer dissatisfaction thanks to MasterCard's customer service. For example, both cards allow you to take advantage of:

  • Price Protection, which automatically refunds you the difference of any product you buy that is marked down within 60 days of purchase (up to $100)
  • Purchase Assurance, which ensures that anything you buy can be replaced if damaged or stolen within 120 days of purchase.
  • Warranty Extension, which you get automatically just for using your MasterCard
  • $0 Fraud Liability which guarantees you will not be held liable for any fraudulent charges on your account.
  • 24/7 Customer Service lets you speak to a representative regarding any concerns you may have any time of the day


Whether you choose the Aspire Gold Card or Aspire World Card, you will know that you have a collection of some of the best features and benefits at your disposal. From competitive rates to membership rewards to travel and security benefits, there may not be a better card for you.

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