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Capital One Canada Cards Overview

2 April 2010 by CreditCardsCo™

Cash Back Guaranteed MasterCard for Gas & Groceries

As the name implies, this Gold rated credit card is designed to reap the rewards of using good credit to purchase everyday things. Simply use this card to fuel your body and your car, and get double points. Of course, you still get your standard rate of points for all other purchases, but your incentive rewards will add up quickly simply running your weekend errands. Since it belongs to the Capital One Canada Cards family, you get access to No Hassle Rewards, which lets you convert all of your redemption points to cash that you can apply to your card balance.

Many Capital One Canada Cards come with Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance, and this card is no different. You also get fraud liability insurance, purchase assurances, and extended warranty options that you can apply to nearly any piece of merchandise that you might buy. The moderately high annual fee helps to pay for all these exclusive benefits as well as 24-hour customer service that can not only answer your credit questions, but redirect you to the RoadAssist Hotline if you need help in your travels. Finally, since it is a MasterCard, you can use their innovative PayPass technology at millions of locations not just in Canada, but all over the world.

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Guaranteed MasterCard for People New to Canada

Whether you are new to Canada, or are a long time resident who needs to rebuild your credit, the Guaranteed MasterCard gives you many of the same benefits of other Capital One Canada Cards but also more freedom than with most other pre-paid cards that are offered to people in similar situations. The somewhat higher variable interest rates are pretty common for cards of this type, but you should find that it is manageable. The annual fee, however, is lower than you might expect, especially considering that you not only have access to millions of registered merchants worldwide, but you get the convenience of MasterCard's PayPass technology too.

Standard Capital One Canada Cards benefits apply to this MasterCard, like MasterAssist Travel Assistance Service which can help you make travel arrangements or deal with problems while on your journeys. This includes Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance, which only requires that you charge your travel expenses to your card. Similarly, you can also get a Car Rental Collision and Damage Waiver which are listed in the Certificate of Insurance that ships with your card. Obviously, you get a great deal more than just the ability to improve your credit and the convenience of never needing cash when you carry this card.

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SmartLine Platinum MasterCard

Finally, if you have above average credit, the SmartLine Platinum MasterCard is one of the best Captial One Canada Cards you could have. It offers one of the lowest annual percentage rates that you will ever see on all purchases and balance transfers. After three years, though, the balance transfer APR will jump up significantly. Obviously, then, this is a good card to use to help you clean up your credit and consolidate your accounts. This not only makes your payments easier to manage, but more importantly it reduces the amount you are required to pay every month, which helps you to avoid fees and penalties.

Other benefits for this category of Capital Once Canada Cards include the Extended Warranty program which automatically grants you an extra year of warranty protection on eligible products that you purchase using your card. Also, you get Auto Rental Insurance, Purchase Assurance, and Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance all included in your application. $0 fraud liability also ensures that you never have to worry about surprises from someone stealing your card or even your identity. 24/7 customer service and online accessibility makes keeping track of your balance, payments, and benefits easy and convenient.

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