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Aspire Gold MasterCard Review

6 May 2011 by CreditCardsCo™

Capital One are offering Canadian consumers the Aspire Gold MasterCard, a reward card with no annual fee, easy to earn rewards and a range of membership benefits. It is not recommended for consumers who carry a running balance on their account.

The Capital One Canada issued Aspire Gold MasterCard is a rewards card aimed at consumers who have good to excellent credit and a mid range household income of at least $30,000. It is best suited to cardholders intending to pay off their balance in full each month and who spend at least a certain amount per month.

It is not particularly suitable for those carrying a running balance. The card has no annual fee and offers cardholders a fairly standard rate of interest on purchases, balance transfers and cash advances. The card is available only to Canadian consumers.

Standard Capital One Member Benefits

The Aspire Gold card is a Capital One issued card, therefore it comes with a range of standard MasterCard benefits for cardholders. The Everyday Gold Benefits include Price Protection which refunds the price difference to the card if a purchase is advertised for sale at a lower price within the agreed time period.

It also includes Purchase Assurance which covers most personal purchases made with the card against theft, loss or damage anywhere in the world within an agreed period after the purchase date. Capital One is also one of the few card issuers who do not charge foreign transaction fees. There are also a range of Gold Travel Benefits included with the credit card account. Cardholders receive automatic Travel Accident insurance for themselves, their spouse, and dependent children when travel is booked using this new credit card.

There is also an additional Car Rental Collision/Loss Damage Waiver for car rental booked using the credit card. This allows the cardholder to save money by decline the rental agencies cover. Additional emergencies are also covered by the MasterAssist Travel Assistance program which offers 24 hour support for various travel emergencies.

MasterCard Features and Benefits

Cardholders are also eligible for additional benefits from MasterCard because the Aspire Gold card is a MasterCard branded credit card. Some of the standard MasterCard benefits include the Master Global Services program which provides emergency card replacement, emergency cash advance, 24/7 telephone access and referral to the closest ABM.

Cardholder's are also protected against fraud and identity theft with MasterCard's zero fraud liability policy. If the card is lost or stolen and is then used without authorization the cardholder is not held responsible and do not have to pay for any fraudulent purchases made with the card.

Hassle Free Rewards Program

The associated rewards program is offered as part of the No Hassle Rewards program which allows consumers to use their rewards to book their own trips, flying with any airline, staying in any hotel and choosing any car rental company. There are no hidden fees and the reward program allows reward miles to be used to pay for travel taxes. In addition to travel rewards, consumers can exchange miles for merchandise, gift cards or even cash.

Consistently Easy To Earn Rewards

The Aspire Gold MasterCard offers consumers a consistent rate of reward miles across all purchase, regardless of which retailer they come from or what type of products or services they are. This is different from many reward programs where extra points are awarded for shopping at preferred merchants. New customers are awarded a large bonus miles reward on completing their first purchase with the Aspire Gold MasterCard.

The card also offers an anniversary bonus reward each year on the date the account was originally opened. Rewards can be accumulated faster by adding an additional authorized card user at no extra fee. The points earned by additional cardholders are added to the rewards earned by the primary account holder.


The Aspire Gold MasterCard issued by Capital One is a hassle fee rewards card with many additional benefits and no annual fee. Rewards are easy to earn and redeem for a variety of merchandise, gift cards and travel opportunities.

The card is a great choice for consumers with good to excellent credit who do not generally carry a balance on their card. A household income of around $30,000 is required and the card, which is only available to Canadian residents, is recommended for those who pay their bill off in full each month.

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