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Platinum Miles No Hassle Rewards MasterCard

18 May 2010 by CreditCardsCo™

What is so special about this credit card?

The Platinum miles no hassle rewards MasterCard is a popular Canadian credit card in the market at the current moment in time. Some of the features that this particular credit card has to offer can literally not be found with any other reputable bank or financial company. One of the first things that you realize about the Miles Platinum MasterCard with No Hassle Rewards is that they offer free mile rewards for every dollar that you spend.

The initial scheme is to provide 1 mile for ever $1 spent, however at the current moment in time, they are offering a double bonus offer. What that basically means is that where you were only going to get 1 mile for every $1 spent, for the time period of six months, you will be entitling yourself to 2 miles instead. This offer is limited so there are chances that it may expire. Ideally you would want to apply for this credit card while the offer is in place.

The other great thing that the Platinum miles no hassle rewards MasterCard has to offer includes an introductory bonus of 5000 miles when you make your very first purchase using the credit card. One of the things that differentiates the Platinum miles no hassle rewards MasterCard from other similar credit cards is that the mile rewards which you obtain never expire. All of your miles can be redeemed in a number of different ways which include through cash, gift cards or travel related items. This ensures that you are not limited in making full use of your mile points in what ever way you please.

Other things that you notice about the Platinum miles no hassle rewards Card is that there are no hidden costs what so over. There is no annual fee which is quite rare for such a credit card and the best part of all is that you can redeem your miles either on the phone or online over the internet. Everything associated with this card has been designed in a way that will ensure to make life much easier for its holders.

Rewards and Benefits

There are a number of different rewards and benefits that you can expect to find with the Platinum no hassle miles rewards MasterCard. Seeing as this particular credit card has been aimed to help those that like to travel, those that own this card are also entitled to travel accident insurance up to $250,000. What this means is that if you end up suffering any personal property damage during your traveling days, you will be covered to have the damage reimbursed.

Other reward that you find with this particular credit card is in relation to $0 fraud liability. What that basically means is that if you end up having your card lost or stolen and during the process your credit card is used to make unauthorized transactions, you will not be held liable. One of the main issues that most card holder's face is having regular customer support service available at all times. With the Platinum miles no hassle rewards MasterCard that is exactly what you get. You are always given 24 hour access to a customer service representative. What that means is regardless of where you are, you will always have some available to help resolve any issues that you may have.

What do I do if I want to apply for this card?

There are many ways by which you can apply for this card. The most easiest and preferred method is applying online. Simply open Platinum Miles No Hassle Rewards MasterCard page and select the "apply now" button for further details. You will be required to fill in your personal details as you normally would have to with any credit card that you would apply for. It is important that you have a good credit rating to make use of this particular Canadian credit card.

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