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Getting 2% Cash Back on Gas and Groceries

23 March 2010 by CreditCardsCo™

What is different about this particular cash back credit card?

There is no doubt that the market is quite saturated with a number of different cash back credit cards at the moment. As a result, there has been a lot of speculation about how the Capital One gas and groceries cash back guaranteed MasterCard is any different. One of the first things that you notice about the Capital One gas and groceries cash back card is that it has specifically been targeted towards gas and groceries. When ever you use the Capital One MasterCard to buy gas, you automatically entitle yourself to a 2% cash back. If you use the same card on groceries, you are also entitled to 2% cash back. Any other items that you purchase using this particular credit card, other than gas and groceries, will only entitle you to 1% cash back. This is still much more than most other cash back credit cards that are available in the market.

The great thing about this particular credit card offer is that you are provided with one additional card free of cost. In the case where you end up losing your card or want to use your card in two places at one time, this can be possible through this extra free card that is provided. It is however important to make sure that you keep this extra card safe for emergency use only.

What benefits come standard with the card?

There are a number of benefits that are known to come standard with the Capital One Cash Back Guaranteed MasterCard for Gas & Groceries. One of the best things about this particular credit card is that acceptance is guaranteed. All credit card companies are known to use one's credit rating as the basis on whether or not they accept a particular individual for a particular card. With this Capital One Canada card, even if you have a poor credit rating, you will automatically be accepted for this credit card which is why acceptance is guaranteed.

Another thing that you automatically notice about this particular credit card is that it is authorized by MasterCard. What that basically means is that you can practically use this card anywhere in the world. As long as the place accepts MasterCard's, you shouldn't have anything else to worry about. The great thing about the Capital One cash back MasterCard is that not only can it be used to shop on a global scale, but it can also be used to make global withdrawals as well. Such a facility is to usually available with most credit cards. It is important to keep in mind however that you will be required to inform your credit card company that you are planning to use your credit card in a particular country other than Canada. This will ensure that you do not end up having to face problems where your credit card has been blocked.

Some of the gas stations which entitle you to the 2% cash back include Petro-Canada, Esso, Sunoco, Ultramar, Shell, OLCO, Irving, Domo and Flying J and Husky. The name of the grocery stores which entitle you to the 2% cash back as well include Loblaws, Sobeys, Dominion, Safeway, A&P, Zehrs, No Frills, Real Canadian Superstores, Food Basics and Fortinos.

Where to Apply

If you are planning to apply for this particular cash back credit card, the best place to do so would be online. You can apply directly online by following the link at Capital One Guaranteed Cash Back for Gas & Groceries Card application. All you have to do is simply click on the "apply now" button and follow the simple steps by providing some personal information. Seeing as acceptance is guaranteed, you do not have to worry much about your credit history report.

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