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Free Hotel Stays With The Choice Privileges MasterCard

September 21, 2012 by CreditCardsCo™

There's no reason to use just any ordinary credit card. The Choice Privileges MasterCard is easy to apply for, provides free hotel stays and much more. Chip and pin technology and 24/7 customer service are also provided to you as a cardholder.

Applying For The Card

You can apply for the Choise Privileges card all from the comfort of your computer. Whether you're at home or in the office, whether it's during the day or the night, you can complete the online application. You will need to type in personal details such as full name, mailing address, social security number and other details such as employment information.

After the application is completed in full, you can submit it over a secure connection. Your information will be verified within a minute or two. You will then receive a credit decision. If you have been approved for the card, you will be told of your credit line and a card will be mailed out to you.

When you receive the card in the mail, you will need to activate it. Once you do so, your card will be ready to use and all of your different benefits will begin.

Earning Free Hotel Stays

You can earn hotel stays very easily by using this card all around the globe. Shop where it's convenient for you – in stores, on the phone or over the internet. The card is accepted by millions of merchants. As you continue to shop, you will earn points. These points can be used to earn free nights at Choice Privileges properties in the US, Europe, Canada and throughout the rest of the world.

The points that earn you a free hotel night vary. Based upon when and where you want to stay, there will be certain point requirements. As you continue to use the card, you can reach the levels you need to get free hotel stays for business or pleasure.

Earning the points is the easy part. For every dollar you spend on qualifying purchases, you will earn at least two points. If you use your card at Choice Privileges locations, then you can earn even more points per dollar.

When you first get your card, you may be able to earn bonus points to get you started as well. The points can be earned by spending a certain amount within an introductory period.

Various Card Benefits

Take advantage of many card benefits throughout the year. These are at no additional cost to you and you can choose to use them all year long, just for being a cardholder.

  • Security features
  • Online account tools
  • Customer representatives
  • Pay Pass

The security features are numerous with the MasterCard. This particular card features chip & pin technology. This new feature requires a pin number for verification as opposed to the traditional signature. A pin number cannot be easily forged, thus reducing the amount of fraudulent activity that can appear on a card. Your card is always being monitored for suspicious charges. If you ever have a charge that wasn't authorized appear on your card, it only takes a call to customer service to have it deleted – you are never held responsible.

Account tools are available online for your convenience. With a username and password at your fingertips, you can log on for various account details. Find out your account balance, past transactions, credit line and more. Download and print statements. Schedule and pay your bill online to avoid stamps and being late with your payment. You can even contact customer service by email via the online account tools.

Customer service representatives are a phone call away. Call to find out about a charge on your statement, a question about a feature or a general concern you have. Live representatives can be reached toll free 7 days a week at all hours of the day and night. PayPass is another feature of the card. Where available, you don't have to swipe the card. You can simply pass the card in front, making it faster to complete your transaction.


When you're ready to start earning free hotel stays, it's easy to get approved. You can receive your Choice Privileges MasterCard card within a week. As soon as you activate the card, you can start spending all over the globe. Then earn the points you need for hotel stays.

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