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Fusion Platinum MasterCard Review

21 October 2011 by CreditCardsCo™

It's time to stop wishing for the card that has all the features you want and apply for the Fusion Platinum MasterCard. It has a low interest rate, miles for every dollar and a number of other great features. Apply online and get started spending and earning.

How Do The Rewards Miles Work?

You will earn reward miles with every purchase that you make. These reward miles are calculated based on your net purchase (not including tax) so that you can use the reward miles for many great things when you choose to use them.

There is no expiration date for the reward miles. They will roll over year after year until you choose to claim them. This way you can save until you reach your goal — whatever it may be.

Capital One does not impose a maximum to the number of reward miles you can earn in a year. Go ahead and keep spending to get those reward miles for anything that you want. Buy your groceries, fill up your gas tank and much more with the card so that you can get closer to your reward levels.

There are three ways to redeem the reward miles, including:

  • Cash
  • Gift cards
  • Travel

The cash will be in the form of a statement credit or a check mailed to your home. Gift cards are for merchants all over the country. Travel can be for hotels, rental cars, plane tickets and much more.

What Are Other Perks Of The Card?

Choose a card that has perks and you will be able to benefit from it all year long.

The low interest rate helps you to save money every month. You can transfer other cards with higher interest rates onto the card and pay them off at a lower rate, saving you lots of money. There will be no fees for this transfer fee, so as long as you have the available credit, you can transfer over as many cards as wish.

With Fusion Platinum, you get to enjoy travel benefits as long as you book your travel using this MasterCard. These include travel accident insurance for you, your spouse and all of your dependents in the case that you or your family is injured on vacation. There is also a car rental collision and loss damage waiver so that you are insured. This means that when you rent a car, you can decline their coverage and save yourself some money. Also, if your baggage is ever delayed in a destination other than your home city, you will be given a daily flat fee up to three days in order for you to buy some essential items.

What Does MasterCard Offer?

  • Purchase assurance
  • Zero liability protection
  • Purchase anywhere

You can enjoy purchase assurance for 120 days after the purchase date for most of your purchases with your Platinum card. If the item is lost, stolen or damaged, the cost of the item will be refunded to you.

There is also zero liability protection. If your card is lost or stolen and your account shows charges that you did not make, just contact MasterCard to let them know. They will reverse the charges as you will not be financially obligated to them. In addition, if you do not have another card while you are on vacation, you can have another card sent out to you to replace the one that has been lost or stolen.

When you have the MasterCard logo on your credit card, you can make purchases anywhere. You can travel to any continent and purchase with confidence knowing that it will be accepted. Your card is great for making purchases online with thousands of merchants as well as over the phone. You can shop anywhere that you wish. If you ever find that you do need cash, just visit one of the millions of ATMs globally and pull out the cash that you need. It is the easiest way to shop for anything, anywhere.


There is finally a card that offers you a low interest rate and the ability to earn miles. You can apply for the Fusion Platinum MasterCard online. Once you've qualified for the card, just activate it and start earning miles right away.

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