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No Hassle Rewards Program Benefits

22 October 2010 by CreditCardsCo™

With the wide-spread use of credit cards, it is important for people to understand how to effectively use their rewards cards so that they receive all of their no hassle rewards program benefits. People must gather rewards for purchases without over-spending.

Many people do not do the appropriate research for their rewards credit cards and end up not using their rewards program benefits, which makes owning a card nearly useless. If people are purchasing but not receiving good benefits, the use of a rewards card can become counterproductive. The following tips will help users take full advantage of their no hassle rewards program benefits that comes with Capital One Canada credit cards.

Choose the Best Card For You

People often overlook the main point of a rewards card, which is finding a card that perfectly fits their financial situation, lifestyle, and business. They get so caught up in the number of rewards that they forget to consider which rewards they can actually use. For example, a rewards program that offers free airline tickets as a prize is not a good choice for a person who does not frequently fly. It is important for people to choose the no hassle rewards program benefits that can best help them.

Use the Card For Ordinary Purchases

Almost any ordinary, everyday expense can and should be paid for with a rewards card. By using a rewards card to pay for groceries, medicine, gas purchases, or insurance, a person is earning points or rewards for each purchase that they would have had to pay for anyway. This way, they are maximizing their no hassle rewards program benefits and earning more points or rewards.

Do Not Buy Out the World

Many people seem to believe that owning a rewards card means that they can buy whatever they want and get reimbursed in some way. However, this can be a drawback, as people begin to buy things they do not necessarily need, simply because they will get rewards. People hoping to get the best out of their no hassle rewards program benefits should only make purchases that they could also have paid cash for; this ensures that purchases are made on items that are really needed.

Pay Bills On Time

Interest rates on reward credit cards are much higher than those on non-reward credit cards. Sometimes people end up paying more money because of high interest rates than they get back from their rewards program. This makes no hassle rewards program benefits ineffective. To avoid this problem, rewards card users should make sure they pay their credit card bill in full and on time every month, which will build up their credit score and thus make things easier in the future if they need a loan. If they are financially unable to do this, it means they are being overcharged annually. For this reason, people should avoid annual fees on rewards cards unless they offer an added incentive.

Keep a Reliable Record

People using their no hassle rewards program benefits most effectively are those who keep an accurate recording of every purchase made on their card, in addition to the amount of money they have in their bank account at any given time. By doing this, rewards card users can prevent themselves from unintentionally spending more cash than they can comfortably pay for and maxing out their cards.

Exploit Every Prospect

Rewards card users should never hesitate to take any opportunity their no hassle rewards program benefits offer them. If a card offers more point rewards or cash back for receiving gas from a certain gas station, card users should try their best to stop at that gas station whenever possible, rather than no-rewards gas stations. If a card offers twice the usual amount of points to shop at a certain store, or use a certain airline or hotel, users should try to follow up on that promise. The more opportunities that people use, the more points they can get, making this an extremely effective way to make the most of a person's no hassle rewards program benefits.


By paying every bill on time, shopping at places that get rewards and only making purchases that are absolutely necessary or can be paid for with cash, No Hassle Rewards Program benefits users can be sure they are taking advantage of their rewards cards.

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