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Traveller Friendly Capital One Delta SkyMiles Gold Card

8 November 2010 by CreditCardsCo™

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The Delta SkyMiles Gold Master Card from Capital One Canada has come up as a new credit card that offers extended features in Canada. There are not many comparable features found in other credit cards in Canada. The main features that stand tall are the Delta miles packages and deals that come along with it. But still, the other features of the card are also attractive. Things like no annual fee sure pull many customers in. We can see some of the features that highlight this card ahead of the others.

Delta Miles Earning Rate

Earning Delta miles with the Delta SkyMiles Gold credit card is made quicker and it is easier than other cards from the same company! The annual fee waiver also compliments this deal. You can spend more and earn more through this credit card. The gold credit card offers higher rates of earning both with the Delta purchases as well as other purchases. One can also see the difference in the schemes of interest rates as a pronounced one when they compare the bill of what it could have been with other cards and the gold card.

The Gold Benefits

As a user of the Delta SkyMiles Gold card, you are entitled to get special benefits. More importantly, you get more travel benefits! Some of the highlighted benefits are:

  1. Price protection for the various items that you purchase. This means you can easily be eligible for reimbursement if the price of an item becomes cheaper within a certain number of days after you buy.
  2. You have extended warranties for the purchased products in many outlets.
  3. There is also insurance against theft or damage that can be received for the items up to a cerain number of days. This can come in handy when you are buying from a place you have never visited before.
  4. The travel plan for owners of the Delta SkyMiles Gold MasterCard includes accident insurance. You are also entitled to receive the MasterAssist service that the company offers for the travelers as a guide and assistance help.
  5. Car rental schemes and baggage delay related offers remain the same as the other SkyMiles cards from Capital One.

With more offers that accompany the initial offer period, this Delta SkyMiles Gold credit card from Capital One Canada sure has lot of pros to it. Travelers have found this to be a useful one, and this has made the credit card a popular one in Canada.

The Gold Card As A Credit Card

As a credit card, it fares quite well. The interest rates and APRs are reasonable and competitive. One cannot say that the card can only be bought for the SkyMiles contract. The entire package of the card is worth getting it for. The creditworthiness that you establish as a customer has always been valued by Capital One Canada. There are regular promos and rewards that are offered by the company. The cards also have online access and activity/transaction reports verification facility automated online. The bills never surprise you.

The Initial Offer Period

The initial offer period is always tempting when it comes from the Capital One. The Delta SkyMiles Gold card also has a good initial period offer and attractive deals are offered. You can have a really comfortable time using this card in the initial phase. Some of the other long term offers are the same as the ones that are offered for the initial period for the other cards. The usual benefits that you can get with any SkyMiles card remain the same. The Delta miles account management online, various flyers that you can select from to receive the Delta miles, redemption of Delta miles and some other useful offers are available just like in other SkyMiles cards.

What the Delta SkyMiles Gold Master Credit Card has extra is a better scope to earning more miles and prominent features as a gold card. These make it a good offer. Comparing the various other features from all different cards in Canada, the card sure marks itself as one of the best. Using it for a certain amount of time proves this. You can never get the feeling of being charged more, and the bills never surprise you. What indeed surprises the customer is the wholesome travel experience that the card makes available for them for owning the Gold card.

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