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Featured Secured Card: Plastk Secured Visa Credit Card
  • Plastk Secured Visa Credit Card
  • Rated: 4.5 out of 5
  • Intro APR: 0%*
  • Regular APR: 17.99% (V)*
  • Annual Fee: $48*

- 0% APR for the first 3 months
- Upon sign up, new Customers get 5000 Rewards Points (Equal to $20.00. Redeemable after 3 months)
- 17.99% interest rate
- Free monthly credit score, powered by Equifax*
- Earn points and cash back with everyday purchases
- Zero Fraud Liability to ease your mind
- Instant Balance Payment via Interac

* * *

Issued by Digital Commerce Bank, the Plastk Secured credit card offers premium rewards, bonus cash back, intro rate, credit reporting and helps build or rebuild credit score. Read more...

Secured cards are credit cards created for consumers experiencing difficulties obtaining unsecure credit due to poor ratings. These cards provide credit reporting features allowing card members improve their credit rating over time. Accepted applicants are required to make a security deposit into an account held by the issuing bank. When moving onto another card, a member may retrieve his deposit provided the account is not severely delinquent in which case charges owed will be deducted. Guaranteed approval, a feature indicating quick acceptance for applicants who meet minimum requirements is common on these cards. Lowly qualification requirements serve to encourage interested persons especially those with a need to improve their ratings. Secured cards listed below are reserved for the Canadian market.

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