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American Express Gold Rewards Card Features

21 March 2012 by CreditCardsCo™

The American Express Gold Rewards Card is easy to apply for and provides perks with every purchase. You get to enjoy a number of features just for being a cardholder. Points per dollar and entertainment access make it the card to have in your wallet.

You should always have a card that you can rely on in your wallet. The American Express card gives you the freedom to determine how you will pay for all of your purchases. You can pay off the balance at the end of every billing statement. There will also be a low interest rate on the account that allows you to pay off the balance over time, making affordable monthly payments. The choice is yours to make each and every month.

The American Express Card Can be Used Everywhere

The American Express logo ensures that you can purchase anywhere around the globe. You can make purchases at millions of merchants online, local businesses, book travel over the phone and much more. There are also millions of ATMs that you can pull out cash with an advance when you need it. All you need to do is make sure that you have the available balance.

With every purchase that you make, you earn points. These points will be earned at every merchant. Depending on the merchant, you even get the opportunity to earn double points. More points means that you can earn quicker. You can also order supplementary cards for family members so that they can enjoy the same great benefits and help you earn points faster.

Earn Points on Every Purchase

Whatever you buy, you earn points. This means that you can buy the things you need every day and earn points just by using the card. For signing up with the card, your account will start off with points. You then have the ability to add to the points total with every purchase that you make.

The points can be redeemed for a number of things such as:

  • Hotel
  • Flights
  • Entertainment
  • Merchandise

You decide what you want to use the points for. Whether you want to turn them into free travel or certificates for merchandise is up to you. You also have the ability to convert the points into frequent flier miles with participating airlines.

Various Features Are Provided on the Gold Rewards Card

Enjoy a number of features with the Gold Rewards card all day every day. Such features include:

  • Entertainment access
  • Buyer protection
  • Travel insurance
  • Online account management

The entertainment access gives you purchasing power with concert and special events tickets. The "front of the line" pass allows you to get tickets before the general public does. You just call American Express, tell the operator what tickets you want and they help you get them.

Buyer protection is available with all qualifying purchases you make with the card. As long as you use your card to make a purchase, it will extend the warranty of the item up to 1 year. You also get protection on items if they are accidentally damaged or stolen within a certain time after buying them. This allows you to buy anything and know that you are protected.

Travel insurance is also included when you book travel with the card. This includes accidental death and dismemberment. Other forms of travel insurance include protection for rental cars. Baggage and flight delay protection covers you should you need to buy items because of a delay in your travel plans. Additionally, there is protection in the event that your hotel or motel is broken into when you are away from home.

Online account management is also included with the card. Log on and find out balance information, past expenses and even pay a bill online. It's always available so you have the details on your account.


The Gold Rewards Card by American Express provides various features for travel, entertainment and more. With the ability to purchase anywhere that American Express is accepted, the card is the only one that you need to have in your wallet. The application takes minutes to complete online and you can find out if you've been approved within minutes.

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