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Apply For The More Rewards MasterCard Credit Card

December 6, 2012 by CreditCardsCo™

You want to make sure you have a credit card that allows you to earn rewards easily. The More Rewards MasterCard provides you with exactly that opportunity. All year long, you earn rewards on your purchases. You also enjoy account access and much more.

How The Points System Works

The points system on the credit card works simply enough. The card is a MasterCard so it is accepted almost anywhere you want to go. You can stay inside Canada or travel around the world. You can make purchases in person, over the telephone and even on the internet. Every purchase you make earns you points that will be accumulated in your account.

When you want to earn points even faster, there are several Canadian retailers that you can make purchases using your More credit card. Such retailers include Save-On Foods, Cooper Foods, PriceSmart Foods and more. You can also use your More loyalty card to save while you use your credit card to help you double-dip.

Once you have reached the points levels that you wish, you can start redeeming them. You choose what your reward is going to be. You may decide on gift cards one month and a charitable donation in the next. Other rewards that you can take advantage of include free travel, select in-store grocery merchandise as well as other merchandise.

Various Types Of Fraud Protection

There are many types of fraud protection on your card. This allows you to spend your card without worrying about your personal information getting into the wrong hands. You can also spend knowing that your account is being monitored against fraudulent activity at all times.

  • Chip and pin
  • Zero fraud liability

There is a special chip on the MasterCard for chip and pin technology. At participating retailers, this means you will enter a pin number to complete your transaction. This is safer than signature verification because no one can duplicate your pin number. The chip & pin technology is becoming more popular because it provides more security. Your card is always being monitored to see if there is unusual activity. If you make purchases in Manitoba and Vancouver on the same day, your card will be frozen until you can verify that you authorized both purchases. Such monitoring will ensure you are always being looked after. If there is a purchase that you didn't make on your account, it will be reversed and you won't be required to pay for it.

More Card Benefits

There are more card benefits than just earning rewards for every dollar spent. You can take advantage of many benefits all year long without spending any money. These are designed to help you manage your money and enjoy the card.

  • Customer service
  • Online account access
  • Online bill pay

Customer service is designed to help you get answers to your questions. Whether you want to ask for a credit line increase or you want to ask a question about a statement, you can do so. Live representatives are always available to you. You can reach a representative with the toll free number that is on the back of your credit card. If you have a less urgent question you can also choose to send an email through the online account portal.

You have online account access as well. Anywhere you have an internet connection, you can create a secure access point to your credit card. There, you can find out account balances, look up past transactions and find out your available credit. This makes it easy to manage your money without waiting for a paper statement to arrive in the mail.

Another feature is online bill pay. Instead of writing a check and sending payment in the mail, you can make payments online. Scheduling a payment is simple and ensures you are never late on paying your bill. You can decide to pay the entire account balance to avoid interest or make smaller payments to have greater control of your finances from month to month.

Final Word

When you're ready to start earning points on your credit card purchase, the application is online. As a Canadian resident, you can find out if you've been approved in minutes. The More Rewards MasterCard will arrive to you and the many features will begin immediately.

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