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Capital One Low Rate Guaranteed Secured MasterCard Review

21 November 2010 by CreditCardsCo™

A Closer look at the Credit Card

The Capital One Low Rate Guaranteed Secured MasterCard is one Canadian credit card that is relatively new in the market. One of the great things that make this particular credit card popular amongst others is that you are guaranteed approval. There is no doubt that we are all currently faced with tough financial times. Due to poor credit ratings that we have over our financial history, mainly due to debts, has made it much difficult for such to apply for any sort of credit.

Majority of the credit cards that are currently available in the Canadian market require you to have a good credit score. This however is not the case with the Low Rate Guaranteed Secured MasterCard. You will be required to under go a credit check; however bad credit will be accepted which is why one is guaranteed approval.

This particular credit card is known to be part of the MasterCard network. What that basically means is that you credit card can be used at any outlet both online and offline that accept MasterCard. The great thing about this Capital One credit card is that it offers a very low annual fee in comparison to most other credit cards that are available in the market. Seeing as acceptance is guaranteed, having this credit card can also give you a chance to re-establish a better credit history. This will solely depend on how you manage your expenses, however is quite easily achievable.

Benefits of the Credit Card

This Capital One Canada card has a number of benefits that it has to offer. One of the first things that you will notice is the inclusion of a 24 hour customer support service, both online and over the telephone. This ensures that you will be able to keep track of all your transactions and have someone to help you in a time of need regardless of the time of the day. This is a service that is not usually offered by most credit card companies.

One of the other benefits that you can expect to find with this secured credit card is a $0 fraud liability for unauthorized use. What that basically means is that if your credit card is stolen/lost and misused, you will not be liable for the transactions that took place during that time. This in effect will ensure that you have no liability for any transactions that have taken place without your authorization. This basically means that you will remain insured for fraudulent use of your credit card.

One of the best things about the Low Rate Guaranteed Secured Card is that it can be used on a world wide scale. Seeing as it is authorized by MasterCard, you can use this particular card at any worldwide ATM and store outlet both online and offline. Seeing as it can be used on a global scale, this ensures that you will not have any problems when it comes to using your card in other countries. All you will have to do is inform your credit card company that you are planning to use your card abroad.


If you are looking to apply for this particular secured Master Card, the best place would be to apply online. Simply go to the following link and follow the simple instructions. The link is: Low Rate Guaranteed Secured MasterCard Application.

Seeing as one can apply online automatically makes sure that anyone and practically everyone in Canada can apply for this card. After clicking on the link, simply select the Apply button. Fill in the details that are needed and you should have your credit card delivered with in a matter of two weeks. It is advised that you familiarize your self with the terms and conditions of the card on their website before you apply.

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