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The Harley Davidson MasterCard Is More Than A Biker's Card

October 21, 2013 by CreditCardsCo™

The Harley-Davidson MasterCard is a credit card that is not just for bikers, but it is a card that can benefit anyone looking for shopping protection, car rental coverage, and in-depth fraud protection. All of these elements are what individuals search for in a card and this is a card that has those things without an annual fee.

What many consumers look for is a card with reasonable interest, few fees, and reasonable account fees when performing such tasks as wire transfers, balance transfers, cash advances, and more. The Harley-Davidson MasterCard is a card that gives motorcyclists access to exclusive savings, while giving them benefits and features that keep their well-being in mind.

Platinum Benefits

The benefits on this card are the equivalent of platinum benefits without the platinum cost. Some cards that offer similar benefits have an annual fee, but this one doesn't. This means that there is a suite of platinum level benefits without the cost, resulting in a great deal of savings for the cardholder.

The first benefit is the rewards aspect of the card. When eligible purchases are made, points are earned for those purchases and they can be redeemed for Chrome Cash. Chrome Cash can be used for clothing and other merchandise within participating Harley-Davidson stores throughout Canada. Chrome Cash can also be used toward the purchase of motorcycles. This can save a great deal of money on motorcycle supplies, services, and bikes themselves.

Of course, how much you save depends on how often you use the card. You can add authorized users to the account so they can help you earn points and you can keep collecting points until you are ready to redeem them for Chrome Cash and spend the Chrome Cash toward what you want.

A feature on the card is the drawing that you are entered into every time you make eligible purchases with the card. Winning the drawing could result in you receiving a free Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Another benefit is the fraud protection that the card gives you. Fraud protection starts with 24/7 fraud monitoring. This monitoring detects suspicious activity on the card so that the account can be frozen, preventing further fraudulent charges. This freeze is in place until you state otherwise. If there are any fraudulent transactions on the card, the zero liability kicks in, which means you do not have to pay for fraudulent charges on your card. If fraudulent charges are made, you are reimbursed for those transactions. Lastly, there is the password protection that is used when making online purchases. Through password protection, a password is required to make a purchase. If someone tries to use your account fraudulently on the internet and they do not have the password, the transaction cannot occur.

A third benefit is the MasterPurchase Purchase Protection plan. This plan goes into effect when eligible purchases made with your card are damaged or stolen within the first 90 days after purchase. The moment an incident occurs, you call MasterAssist to speak to them about having the item repaired or replaced.

You can also extend the warranty on eligible purchases made with the card. It cannot exceed a specific period, but it helps you get the most out of your purchase in case there is a manufacturer's defect that could take the item out of operation.

The last benefit is the MasterRental Collision Damage Waiver that you can use for rental cars instead of using the collision damage waiver that the car rental company offers you. This can save you money on your car rental while still receiving the same degree of protection.

The Cost

The cost of the card is another beneficial area. Because there is no annual fee, all of the services don't come with a cost other than the interest paid on the card. The interest on the card is going to vary based on creditworthiness and how the market is doing at the time. However, you can transfer the balances of higher interest cards to this card and save money.

It's also important to note that cash advances, balance transfers, and access cheques and deposits have their own interest rates and they have transaction fees that are a percentage of the entire transaction amount. There is also a foreign transaction fee when using the card abroad, which is a percentage of each transaction.

If you need to make a wire transfer, there is a fee that is a percentage of the transaction amount. It should be noted that the transaction fees with this card are quite low. They are very competitive because they are among the lowest in the credit card industry.

As far as any account fees that may be applied to the account, for certain actions, there are several. First is the over the credit limit fee. If the account goes over the limit, it will be charged every billing cycle until the balance is paid below the credit limit. If a payment is late, there is a default interest rate that is applied. This rate goes into effect until 12 consecutive payments have been made on time. Once the payments have been made, the rate goes back down.

If any payments are returned there is a fee per occurrence and there is also a per occurrence return fee for returned access cheques. If the account is inactive for any period of time, then there is an inactive credit balance fee. This fee is charged annually and on the anniversary of when the card first became inactive. In order for this fee to apply, the card must have a balance. Requesting a copy of a statement or sales draft also has a small fee. However, online account access can make accessing account information very easy without having to accrue a fee.

Another way to make the card cheaper to use is to pay off the entire balance within the 21 day grace period. By doing this, you don't have to pay interest on the card. This allows you to use the card instead of cash and to take advantage of everything it has to offer, including the rewards.


The Harley-Davidson MasterCard has what a person needs to be secure, to save money, to protect their purchases, and much more. It is important to have a card that has all of the necessary safety features, as well as exclusive benefits without an annual fee to back them up.

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