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Gold Guaranteed 11.9% MasterCard

30 April 2010 by CreditCardsCo™

What to notice

When you look at the Gold guaranteed 11.9% MasterCard, there are a number of things that become apparent at first glance. Unlike most credit cards where there is an uncertainty in relation to the interest rate that you would have to pay, this is not the case with the Gold guaranteed 11.9% MasterCard. With this particular credit card, you are guaranteed a rate of 19.8% on all cash advances. The rate of 19.8% is an interest figure that is calculated annually. Any items that you purchase or balance transfers that you make do are known to be fixed at a rate of 11.9% for the first three years while you use your credit card. The only condition that must be met for this rate to stay fixed is as long as you pay all your bills on time.

Once the three year period has passed, you will automatically be transferred to a variable rate of +9.9% on both purchases and balance transfers. This is relatively low in comparison to most other credit cards that are available in the market at the present moment in time. One of the extras that you will tend to notice with the Gold guaranteed 11.9% Master Card is that you are entitled to a no fee balance transfer service for high interest debt. This service is not being offered by any other credit card in the market at the current moment. It is important that those who want to apply for this card will need to have a decent credit rating as it will play a role in regards to weather or not you are accepted.

Other benefits included

There are a number of other benefits that you can entitle your self to with the Gold guaranteed 11.9% MasterCard. If you decide to pay an extra fee, you can choose to either have cash back of 1% on every purchase made, or have each dollar spent count as reward air miles. Regardless of which one you decide to go with, you will see your self getting more value for money with these rewards. To entitle yourself to these rewards, you would be required to pay small annual fee of $99 only.

The great thing about the Gold guaranteed 11.9% MasterCard is that it is authorized by Master Card. What that basically means is that you are not restricted in using this credit card. Even though it has mainly been targeted for those that are based in Canada, it can still be used on a global scale for both purchases and withdrawals. This is one feature that is very rarely found with credit cards.

The thing about the Gold guaranteed 11.9% Master Card is that they have combined all the features imaginable into one card. With most other credit cards in the market, you would be lucky enough to even find one of these benefits included.

Some of the benefits that you are automatically entitled to with the Gold guaranteed 11.9% MasterCard includes $0 fraud liability, 24/7 customer service, car rental collision and damage waiver and travel accident insurance up to $250,000. All of these benefits are known to come standard with this particular credit card as long as you are accepted. It is advised however that you take a bit of time to read the fine print which would include the terms and conditions. It is recommended that you do this before actually applying for the credit card it self.

About Applying

If you want to apply for this card, simply log on to the following link at Gold guaranteed 11.9% MasterCard Application. Select the apply button and follow the steps accordingly. Do keep in mind that applying for this card could take a bit of time as the company would have to under go a number of credit checks to ensure that you are eligible for the credit card in the first place. We do advise that you take a look at some of the other credit cards being offered by Capital One as well.

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