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World Points Rewards in Canada

21 December 2010 by CreditCardsCo™

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World Points Rewards in Canada are a great way to work towards that vacation that you've always wanted. The points stack up and Canadian citizens can, eventually, use those points to get anywhere in the world that they please.

World Points Rewards can get you places

WorldPoints Rewards in Canada are redeemable for use on any airline that you can possibly think of and they are easily used with no hassles involved during the transactions. The points can never expire and that makes it easy to plan your trip on your time and not just whenever the airline offers a flight to your desired destination. Once you have ordered the flight with your points, the flight cannot blackout and they cannot deny you a seat on the plane so long as your points and their number have been verified.

Points can also work on road trips. Rental car companies and boat rental companies will accept your WorldPoints and let you rent their products using the points that you've accumulated rather than your hard-earned money. Hotel stays, cruises and things of that nature are also able to be purchased by using your points. These are great options if you happen to be visiting family or something along those lines.

Don't want to travel? No problem. Have some cash instead.

If you don't want to redeem your World Points Rewards for hotels, cruises or flights, you can choose to redeem your points for cash instead. This is especially convenient if you are in a tight money situation and all you have are your points that you have racked up over time. Point redemption for cash can start at a mere two thousand five hundred points, so it is very convenient no matter how often or how much you spend. The more points you earn, obviously, the more rewards are offered to you in larger cash value denominations.

It's time to redeem those points!

Your WorldPoints Reward points can be redeemed for varying cash amounts, depending on the number of points you have accumulated. For example:

  • 2,500 points = $12.50
  • 5,000 points = $25.00
  • 7,500 points = $37.50
  • 10,000 points= $80.00
  • 15,000 points = $120.00
  • 20,000 points = $160.00
  • 35,000 points = $350.00
  • 50,000 points = $500.00

Give yourself the gift of happiness

The points that you rack up can grow to such an amount that you can redeem them for gift certificates to both restaurants and stores. By using your World Points, you earn more points and, therefore, can have more points at your disposal when choosing the gift certificate of your choice. Some places that let you use your points in their stores include Petro-Canada and Pier 1.

The gift certificate that you receive from your points will have an expiration date stamped onto it, so be sure that the certificate that you purchase is the one that you will use. The gift certificates are not given to you with your name on them, so other people can use them rather than just yourself. However, this also means that they can be easily stolen and used without your knowledge because they are not personalized, so be aware.

Still not satisfied with your gift options?

In the event that you don't need money or a trip of some sort, you can also redeem your points for actual items through the World Points Rewards in Canada website's online store. Two prizes are shown as an example of the point redemption options and they link to the other prizes that you can use your points on. Displayed blatantly are the Radio Red wagon and a stainless steel mixer. The wagon is nineteen thousand points and the mixer is thirty five thousand points. While that may seem like quite a bit, the points add up quickly and you'll be seeing yourself with those items (among others) in no time.


World Points Rewards in Canada are a great way for you to make every day purchases into points that you can spend on the things that you might not be willing to just go out and purchase on your own. These points can spice up your life!

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