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The Platinum Plus MasterCard is a low-fee card that has no annual fee. There is no rewards program, but the introductory period and the low cost of owning the card creates its own set of rewards for the cardholder.

Published April 21, 2013

TurboTax has been a leader in tax preparation for well over a decade, improving upon its previous year software each time a new version comes out. It helps ensure accuracy, offers protections, and focuses on what is convenient for the customer.

Published April 6, 2013

Trip cancellation coverage is a benefit that automatically comes with a credit card or it is available as an add-on. There are also many different levels of coverage offered by some cards, whereas others are very tight on their coverage. Comparing coverage limits, included protections, age limits, pre-existing condition clauses, and other elements can help you determine which card has the best trip cancellation insurance for you.

Published March 21, 2013

It is unfortunate when a person earns credit card rewards and they lose them because they expire or they are lost in another way. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can salvage your credit card rewards so that you can use what you have earned.

Published February 6, 2013

If you live in Canada and are looking for a new credit card this might be the one for you. It offers a decent rewards program and a generous introductory interest rate on balance transfers and access cheques and deposits.

Published January 6, 2013

The Choice Card from American Express provides cardholders with many benefits. With no annual fee, there are points to be earned with every dollar spent. Benefits include bonus points, no expiration on the points as well as financial flexibility with the card.

Published December 21, 2012

The More Rewards MasterCard credit card by Toronto-Dominion Bank has rewards for everyone. Each cardholder chooses the rewards that are best for them. With many easy ways to earn rewards as well as other account features, it's a good card to apply for.

Published December 6, 2012

The Best Western MasterCard offers frequent travelers a bevy of comprehensive benefits with a rewards program that lets you earn points with every purchase; points you can redeem for stays within the hotel chain.

Published November 21, 2012

Canadian residents can apply for the American Express Air Miles credit cards. Air miles can be used for a variety of rewards throughout the year. Other features of the card include entertainment access, fraud protection and online accounting tools.

Published November 6, 2012

Emergency funds are an important part of anyone's savings account. However, it is found that about half of Canadians are lacking this fund. There are strategies to be used to help with saving so that everyone can experience the advantages to having such a fund.

Published October 21, 2012

Canadian seniors are facing more bad luck because of the way the economy has shifted. Fewer people over the age of 65 have the savings they need to live out their golden years in the way that they expected to be able to.

Published October 6, 2012

The Choice Privileges MasterCard is a credit card that features free hotel stays as points are accumulated. With every dollar spent, points are earned to be used for hotel stays at Choice Privileges locations all over the world.

Published September 21, 2012

When you take a flight to anywhere on virtually any airline, they charge you for all of the amenities that you love to have. If you want earphones, a pillow, a blanket or even a cocktail, forget about having any cash in your pocket. Instead, they are going to ask you for a credit card.

Published September 6, 2012

You've probably received at least one invitation to apply for low interest credit cards in the past. Before you sign up, make sure you know exactly what you're getting yourself into. If you don't read over the contract, you could find yourself in trouble.

Published August 21, 2012

Financing your education is considered a bad idea. While gaining an education is important, it's best not to fall into the traps of credit card debt.

Published August 6, 2012

Money troubles plague everyone. The key to success, then, is not being free from financial stress, but knowing how to navigate through it to come out better on the other side. Here you will find some strategies for doing so.

Published July 21, 2012

Get consistently simple interest rates and platinum-level status with this basic but valuable credit card. With no annual fee and enhanced security features, it offers you everything you need for a comprehensive, quality credit experience.

Published July 6, 2012

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